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betty cosgrave

betty cosgrave
For as long as I can remember, I have been receiving messages through my dreams. It’s not that I felt, that I possessed some special gift, or power, because I didn’t. I simply assumed that my nocturnal ramblings were pretty similar to those of everybody else. I still believe that to be the case, however I now know, that we all pay attention, or become consciously aware of them, to a greater or lesser degree. A lot depends on the level at which we are open to receiving guidance or assistance from places other than the conscious plane in which we experience our reality. My dream-life is an astonishing place, where anything my imagination can conceive of, can and will transpire. There are no limits, no obstacles and I can do and be anything I wish. It would be well nigh impossible to describe how this feels, because you must experience it first hand, to fully comprehend the awesome power. As I say, my dream-life was, from my earliest memories, very much a part of the way I lived in the world. I ‘understood’ things, which had not been explained to me and ‘knew’ things, which nobody had told me about and at various points in my life, this helped me to make decisions crucial to my spiritual development. For many years now, I have been working as a healer. This wasn’t a title that sat easily with me for a long time. I would probably have referred to myself as, a helper. As I saw it, that is what I did, I helped people to get rid of something that they were uncomfortable with, whether it was physical, emotional or spiritual in nature. In actuality, I was a reflexologist, I worked on people’s feet, or so I thought. After some months it became apparent that I wasn’t just working on feet, it was more than that. I was picking up things about people, as I worked on their feet. I didn’t know it then, but I was actually working in and being influenced by their energy field. It was as if I had access to their blueprints, their body would ‘talk’ to me, if you like. That wasn’t all though, as I became more accustomed to the experience, I began to ‘see’ and ‘know’ things. I was getting messages/feelings about things that had happened or were happening in the lives of the people I was working on. At first, it was relatively simple things, such as knowing about something that was going on in a person’s body, without them telling me. I really didn’t think too much about it, surprising, as it might seem. It was after all, merely a variation of the types of feeling I’d experienced since my childhood. There was a sudden huge shift in my awareness and sensitivity though, after I received attunements into a, wonderful healing energy therapy, which is known as Reiki. For those who know nothing of this energy, it is often described as Universal Life Force Energy. It is pure energy, which is un-polarised until it enters our own energy fields and as such, it cannot have any negative effects. It is completely safe to use, no matter what state of health the recipient is in. In my experience, Reiki can bring about rapid healing, whether it is used in conjunction with conventional medicine and in many cases where drugs have failed to bring about a cure. Once I had received my first level attunement, there was what I can only describe as ‘an opening’. By that, I mean that it was almost as if a door had been opened in my consciousness, a curtain drawn back to reveal a whole new dimension of reality, that I had previously been unaware of. The manifestations of this new realm of awareness were quite varied, somewhat eerie but still, more curious than frightening. It ranged from a voice in my head suggesting I work on a certain area of the body, right through to ‘visions’ of people standing beside the plinth and partaking in the healing. Strangely, I wasn’t in the least alarmed by these occurrences, in fact, I was grateful for the assistance which I was receiving. People began to be aware that what I was doing was quite different from other healings, which they had received. I realised this because of the faith they would put in the work I was doing with them. In actual fact, I had countless people speak of the healing effect, which they felt, when they first entered my room. What they were really picking up was the presence of the healing energy, which was palpable within the confines of my room as I worked. It is all around us, if we only knew how to tap in to it and I had become a sort of focal point for this. People began to make appointments to visit me, with absolutely no idea why they were coming. Maybe a friend had told them about me and suggested I may be able to help them with whatever was worrying them, or a spouse or family member ‘knew’ they should come and talk to me. It didn’t matter how they arrived, the important thing was they had and although some were sceptical at first, this feeling didn’t last long. It’s not easy to describe the way I work with people, but I suppose you could say that I ‘plug in’ to their energy. Once I have a connection with the client, I will be drawn to work on certain areas of their bodies (it may not always be where they expect me to be working, but there are priorities) During the treatment I may receive advice for them which is of use to them in their current life situation. Occasionally I will ‘see’ events in their lives that have been the cause of great trauma, indeed a lot of physical problems will leave the body once the emotional issues have been resolved.

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