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Amy Waterman

Amy Waterman
Amy Waterman is an online dating & relationship expert. She’s traveled far from her childhood on the coast of Oregon. In the past ten years, she’s run a marathon, volunteered in South America, studied writing in Wales, and tended sheep on four continents. She currently lives by the sea in England, where she writes to her heart's content. Learn more about Amy and how to create the love life of your dreams at AmyWaterman.net

 Articles by this Author

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me?

Dating & relationship expert Amy Waterman discusses why things always seem to go wrong for us, whether it's our health, our relationships,or just plain bad luck. She reveals her personal struggle with fibromyalgia and how it has helped her to understand the spiritual cause behind every problem.
So many single women are searching for love and sacrificing everything to find it. Where is true love REALLY to be found? Will a relationship change our lives the way we hope it will? Can having a boyfriend or husband really add that much to our lives? Amy Waterman investigates.

How to Work with Angels

Discover the secrets of the angels with "Angel Lady" Doreen Virtue. Find out why the angels are ready to help YOU at this very moment, how to communicate with them, and 5 tips to work with your angels more effectively.