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GS Virk

GS Virk
Author is fully dedicated to the practice and experience of spirituality and nothing else. Has personal meditation retreat for spiritual practice and spiritual experience, known as Heavenly Gardens- organization nonprofit. He likes spiritual paintings and sculptures and larger spiritual life of God in their gardens. For now, GS Virk has studied yoga, meditation and spirituality and has written many spiritual books . He is avaialable at http://twitter.com/GS_Virk
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 Articles by this Author

The faculty of thinking or reasoning in support of any object and subject of the world are logical or scientific thought. The faculty of thinking or reasoning in support of spiritual issues is spiritual thoughts. The product of mental activity with which we think about ourselves and God is called spiritual thoughts. The spiritual thoughts are different from the spiritual wisdom and logic or scientific thought.
The spiritual reality is the wisdom of consciousness that is beyond our wisdom of thought. Beyond the Cosmos, the spiritual reality is what we know as God. The spiritual reality is that God is the creator of all in the physical world. Spiritual reality of God is timeless, motionless, endless, unlimited and complete.

What Makes People Happy, Money Can Not Buy Happiness

Would you invest your money in the pursuit of buy happiness? You do not have money to buy happiness? Looking for Happiness Guru? You're in the right place to get free advice? But you have to practice advice seriously. Just read the item can not buy happiness.

What is old age? The last part of human life is old age. It begins with the deterioration of physical abilities such as sight, hearing, walking, etc. forgetfulness occurs with age. The good memory of the past begins to fade in old age. Problems may arise in remembering the names of relatives and friends in old age.
Human life have developed all evil techniques to destruct all natural resources of planet and so its existence. Present all religions are failing to control moral character of humans. Present all religions are in control of political actors. Present religions have divided one God and set different Universal code of conduct for its followers and not-followers.
How to define science and spirituality? Many people carry misleading perceptions of science and spirituality. Parameters of science and spirituality are different. Science and spirituality are not opposed to each other, but support each other. Einstein concluded that science can understand the secret strategy of relation of time and elements, but spirituality is required to understand the secret strategy of the evil spirit
My conscious life is poetry in motion. The negative actions of my life are the product of desires in mind. Cruelty actions sow evil thoughts in mind, the goodness of actions sow thoughts cool in mind. Consciously do sow in the mind. Physical life is increasing with the impulsive action: the happiness in life depend thoughts in mind when listening to action:
How to understand that prevents you from happiness! Happiness is what we seek with the wisdom of the thought in our lives. Wisdom of thought is the root that disturbs the emotions of happiness in the consciousness of oneself. However, many have experienced the happiness of many things and people are short. This article will help you learn to have fun in all situations.

What Are Challenges of Human Rights to United Nation

Did United Nations activities in human rights were effective in supporting developing countries to fight hunger, women, malnutrition, disease and poverty and the right to development? Did United Nations activities of human rights have been effective in dealing with terrorists and bad people and the country of state terrorists.
Meditation books for beginners available on the Internet are endless. How to select the best book for understanding of meditation and the practice of meditation? Many beginners are confused about meditation techniques. Here the suggestion to choose the book of guided meditation and meditation techniques before going ahead and deep meditation.
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