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Karen Bentley

Karen Bentley
Karen Bentley writes about the miracle power of love and the mind-body-spirit connection. She's an author, America's Spiritual Reviewer, the My Thin Lifestyle Reviewer, and the creator of the Sugar-Free Miracle Diet System. For more info, visit any of her websites: www.karenbentley.com, www.spiritualreviewer.com, www.sugarfreemiracle.com, or www.mythinlifestyle.com

 Articles by this Author

Betrayal, Forgiveness and Jesse James

Everything you ever learned about forgiveness needs to be relearned. This is a radical, new love-based way to forgive that teaches how to transcend the hateful thoughts you hold in your mind for self or another. Jesse James and Sandra Bullock serve as representatives of us all. Love is the only thing that really matters!