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Carol McMahon

Carol McMahon
As a National Science Foundation Trainee, Carol earned a Doctorate in psychology from Penn State University. She is author of STRAIGHT LINE MEDITATION with martial arts Master Deac Cataldo. Her book is available free of charge to ashrams, retreat centers and prison libraries. More at: http://www.StraightLineMeditation.com and http://www.TheBestWayToMeditate.com.

 Articles by this Author

A new way to meditate tames the restless mind. It uses visual feedback to anchor attention. See how the impossible has now been made easy.

How To Stop Aging: Meditation's Surprising Role

This article explains how our deep seated concept of age causes unnecessary aging. It shows how to break the concept’s spell and get free of aging with awareness meditation creates.

How To Break Through To Enlightenment

Meditation’s great challenge is breakthrough to enlightenment. If you’re eager for the challenge or simply want to upgrade your meditation practice, these guidelines for peak performance will help.

What Is The ?Light? Of Enlightenment?

The cause of “light” seen in deep meditation has not been understood until now. Know its source, and put it to use as “feedback,” and you gain access to advanced meditation. Learn here how to “see the light.”

Think of meditation as a mountain climb. Your goal is the summit. The fastest route to your goal is a straight line, but meditation wanders. Introduced here is a feedback method that solves the problem: meditation that goes straight to your goal.

Why The Best Meditation Requires Feedback

Meditation is a skill. Like other skills, you can do it poorly or you can excel. Most who meditate fail to excel because meditation lacks feedback -- something necessary for skill learning. Here a research psychologist shows how to add feedback and upgrade your practice to the best meditation.

In meditation, attention brings success. Yet even with the best intentions, mind wanders uncontrollably. This age old problem now has an easy solution. Research psychologist Carol E. McMahon, Ph.D. shows how “feedback” offers precision self-guidance -- a fix for the wandering mind.