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Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova

Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova
In 1998 a book trilogy entitled "Eternal Laws" by Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova became the bestselling book in esoteric and spiritual literature in Slovakia. Her name significantly affected the public opinion of the population, especially because it revealed what had previously been inaccessible or deliberately concealed. The author's mission was to bring to light the source associated with the events and changes which had already affected us and which are still ahead of us.

 Articles by this Author

What Actually is Eternity

In a quiet moment there comes a desire from our subconscious to live as long as we can, even forever, but we chase it away with the logical argument that something like that is not possible. This contradiction suffocates and torments us. Our inner self longs for eternity but our "educated" intellect tells us the opposite: "Eternity does not exist, only extinction. So live it up as long as you can." And so we waste our free time by living it up instead of seeking the response to the question where this desire for eternity comes from.

Man and Woman

From time immemorial man has expressed himself through his basic character - activity. Here also a deviation was made. Under the veil of tolerance and emancipation man voluntarily loosened the hold on his activity and let it be gradually taken over by woman even in the areas which were his domain. The active man became a comfortable or obedient fellow.

Free Will

Life is not determined solely by fate. Man has free will to decide about his actions. He is continuously being helped from higher levels.

What a man sows that shall he reap!

Everyone has to bear the consequences of his past deeds. How does the Law of Reciprocal Action influence the development of man?

The Universe

The division of the Universe into several levels from the viewpoint of their different density - the Gross Material and Ethereal Worlds. The journey of the soul after death.

Interview with the author of the book

Mankind stands at the most important crossroads in its history, when a new, better and nicer world is about to be born. However, the new world cannot be established on the soil of the old world, as it will be very different from it. People do not develop in the way that they should, that's why everything that is incorrigible and untrue will collapse to open the path to a new life.

Eternal Laws - Why to Know Them

The article describes the most important laws working on the material and non-material level - the Law of Gravity, the Law of Homogeneity, the Law of Completing a Unit, the Law of Reciprocal Action, the Law of Movement and the Law of Equilibrium.