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Seraphia Preston

Seraphia Preston
I'm a healer and chaneller of Higher Sources. I truly believe in prayer and intuition for they help enrich our lives. God for me holds no specific religion for He is our provider and inner strength. We all have intuition and are all capable of determining most of our lives paths. I have been reading and healing people for many years now, for free, and have currently set up a website to help people with healing and guidance and prayer.

 Articles by this Author

Portals of Death - A Vision

This is a vision I had whilst meditating and connecting to my Inner Guidance. I must make it clear that it is only a vision with no intention of offending anyone or any religion or ideas set forward on this delicate subject. I had the need to publish it so as to share it ? nothing more. All comments will be appreciated so long as they are constructive and not malicious nor condemning. What follows are visions, nothing more or less. They may or may not be correct but bear in mind that in my heart and soul I conceive and feel them to be of the utmost truth.
Dreams came and went, reoccurred but never taken to understand. Now, I realize the opportunities I have missed by not listening to them or heeding to their advice. This came about however, after many experiences.
Is it possible for people who do not wish to serve goodness to have angels guides by them?

Hearing,Seeing and Feeling Angels.

The spiritual shift in man and the general evolution towards a higher conscious, has given us the opportunity to communicate with Higher Divine Realms. This is a true gift and not one that is to be considered to belong to the ?rare few?. We are all made in the image of God, the Divine if you like, so we are all an aspect of Him. That does not makes any the more inferior or superior to those around us. With this in mind, we are all able to see, hear or feel our Guardian Angels or Angel guides.

Guardian Angels - Who Are They?

Man's logical mind dismisses many spiritual views thus discounts amongst many the existence of Guardian Angels and Guides who without a doubt are real and can help one tread the path of life fearlessly .