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Jean Logan

Jean Logan
About the Author - Jean Logan is an ordained minister, has a doctorate in Holistic Nutritional Healing and is a student of many types of energy healing. She is the author of the manuals “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs” and "Sacred Symbols of Light." All profits from sales of “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs” will be used to help children in impoverished countries. An accomplished speaker, Dr. Logan can be contacted for speaking engagements through her website (http://www.holygroundfarm.org/).

 Articles by this Author

Resolving Brain Damage with Symbols

This is an article about using symbols called glyphs to heal a dog's brain.  I received the answer that Jesse had suffered brain damage from starvation and dehydration as a puppy.  I was told she could be helped by creating a glyph designed to rebuild the area of her brain that was not developed normally.

Channeled Message Regarding Preparing for 2012

I received a message from Source suggesting I should speak about changes in the Cosmos and 2012 at my upcoming talk at the Spiritual Light Center in Franklin, NC, in November 2009. I replied, “I do not know anything about the Cosmos and 2012.” I received the response, “I will tell you.” I am posting the exact dialog as I understood