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Tkumah A&T&D

Tkumah A&T&D
I am a survivor of crime and so much more. I am really tired now but I will fill you in later about what I am going through. I am a healer and in the process of publishing one book and also in the process of writing two more books. I am writing for my life so I can get help that I need to recover from damages of crime and eat again, let along have a life. BE AFRAID OF A DENTIST BE AFRAID is available. http://outskirtspress.com/beafraidofadentistbeafraid

  Blogs by this Author

A book I wrote.

It never ceases to amaze me, the power of god light and it also encourages me to think that it is most ingenious. The light that spins with the universe. I am so excited, my first book is availa...

My heart is breaking

I am so mad my heart is breaking.I bought a yellow plum. I tried to eat it. It was cruncy, dark in the middle and tastless.I waited a week. The plum turned red.I tasted it.It was cruchy and juicier.I ...

One moment in time

Before the next wave will take me deep into the sees, I want to thank you my heavenly father and mother. I did not think that I will make it so far. I crossed the sees but really, you have saved me. ...
I could not take the bus today. I did not do my homework. Consequently, I was punished. I was punished to walk three stops. The day so beautiful and I that did not go for any walk for two years, go...