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Subramania Siva Yogi

Subramania Siva Yogi
Shri.S S Yogi is the youngest son of Late Sree P S Sankara Pillai and Smt Kunjammal Amma and born at pulimoottil house in Eraviperoor village ,Pathanamthitta Dist. His father was a teacher and a scholar in Sanskrit and Malayalam. His father was an ardent devotee of Lord Siva.In his child hood his father used to narrate many stories from Puranas and Vedas which inspires devotion. After his education he went to Mumbai and was employed there for ten years. He came back and established an Allopathic Medical outlet, which is existing for the last fourty years. He used to read Hindu Religious books (Versions of Vedas, Upanishaths and Mythological stories).As a result he wished to know more about him. He met a Guru. With his admirable advice he began to worship Lord Siva. He used to be in meditation (Dhyana) in the morning and in the evening. He chanted OM NAMASIVAYA Mantra uninterrupted for about 12 years while doing his Karmic duties .During this period he was leading a simple and controlled life in all his activities I am an illumined and enlightened Rajayogi through Japayoga " OM NAMASIVAYA " Mantra and devotion.I invite interested people to get Spiritual Enlightenment through my own methods. S.S.YOGI

 Articles by this Author

Kundalini Power of Energy

You might have seen many articles in the hub pages and other websites on the above subject. However, I am writing this article from my own experience, therefore it must be true and realistic. One must hear such things from only experienced persons.A realized person can say boldly and declare the truth he has seen.Ofcourse, there are many persons in the world who can speak authentically in this subject and I am one among them.

Is God Truth? If so How Do I See Him

This is a definite truth.But to see Him is difficult.He is not perceivable through our material senses.As per experienced Yogis, He can be seen through transcendental senses which means through the Anjha, the Sixth sense duly closing the physical eyes.Through Anjha the Yogi can see Him as Divine Light produced by a Divine Chakra known as Sree Chakra,which rotates continuously.

The Real Spirituality - A Brief Outlook

When we hear the word spirituality, we think of various Religions,beliefs and God the Supernatural power. But the real meaning is different which is the cultivation of divinity within us.We have many anscient great Spiritual teachers like Sri Buddha and Jesus Christ and so many other anscient and modern spiritual teachers.All of them preached the greatness of human beings and for the cultivation of divinity within them so as to reach the superconscious stage or in other words known as God vision or Enlightenment or Self-realization. The Real Spirituality - A Brief Outlook