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Bill Lindley (Ahimsananda)

Bill Lindley (Ahimsananda)
Born, Bill Lindley in 1946. Was Co-Founder of "The Community of the Living Sacrifice", an Anglican Religious community founded in Lincoln, England, at Lincoln Cathedral. The Community worked with ex- prisoners, former psychiatric patients, and the homeless. Upon return to the U.S, the community worked with the developmentally disabled. 20 years after an awakening experience, Ahimsananda has begun to teach. He teaches a blend of Advaita and Christianity.

  Blogs by this Author

The oxymoron that titles this blog needs some explanation.The only way one can express the Absolute is by silence. This makes it a challenge to those who try to teach. When the call comes to teach con...
There is no question that learning experiences, spiritual or otherwise, can come from anywhere. I have been often asked if a person needs an education, or high intelligence to find Awareness, freedom....
Spirituality begins for many of us as Children. We learn about God, or Gods. We learn about the life and adventures of Gods, and the spiritual lessons associated with these adventures. ...