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Dellaina van der Leer

Dellaina van der Leer
Dellaina draw's from a wide range of life experiences and skills, which include Astrology, Shamanism, Past life therapy, Buddhism and is the channel for Almora. Almora is conciousness working in spirit to assist humanity through the Earth changes and 'spiritual revolution'. Together they work to empower individuals to transform and transcend any ailment of mind, body or spirit, along the way. Almora Unlimited host an interactive web site at www.almora.co.nz.

 Articles by this Author

What Is Past Life Regression (PLR)?

Past life Regression (or PLR) is a process of retrieving memories of previous lives or incarnations by means of a hypnosis or meditation. This article by dellaina van der Leers delves deeper into the practice, with examples to illustrate the effectiveness of the process.

The Art Of Letting Go

An article from Dellaina and Almora and the sacred art of Letting Go.  You will hear it said time and again that this is a time of change. These changes are working through us in our personal lives as well as in the world at large. It is a time now when the leaves begin to fall that we are asked to review our lives, mind, body and spirit.