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Kristina Kaine

Kristina Kaine
I am a spiritual writer and esoteric Christian. I write weekly reflections unlocked the inner meaning of the bible. My method is explained on my bLog http://bibleunlocked.blogspot.com/ My book http://i-connecting.com/Main_Page presents these ideas in more general terms. My refections can be found here. http://esotericconnection.net/Main_Page

 Articles by this Author

The Purpose of Epiphanous Events

The esoteric Christian view of the Bible can reveal unexpected meaning. In 2005 while contemplating the Festival of Epiphany, which occurs each year on January 6 and is said to mark the baptism of Jesus, the Southern Asian Tsumani killed thousands of people. This contemplation proposes that elements of Jesus' baptism can be found in the mighty Asian Tsumani baptism.