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candace huffmaster

candace huffmaster
Throughout all my travels in this life, I seek to merge intrinsically with life to propel the unity of a higher conciousness toward all. Organizing Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc has been one way of doing this. We strive to create a pathway for sojourners to reach through the chaos of life and confussion of thought while being nurtured with truth, light and love. We desire to watch everyone emerge and take flight in a majestic display.

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And On It Goes.....Life That Is Life has many qualities, segments and layers. Each of us have the option of what we do with our “Life Time” God gave us life: In Genesis...


KB Emerge is the branch of our organization dedicated to those supporting others fighting the good fight. We know if we support them, others have a better chance of breaking free and living as they ...
A community of unconditional encouragement toward everyone. We desire to enlighten not bind, release wisdom and discern truth not strip others of free will.We also desire to continue to build on our b...