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Mags Deane

Mags Deane
Mags Deane is the creator of Non-Dual Heart Mentoring which facilitates our awakening to truth and the opening of the heart to disowned, unloved aspects of the self that cause so much suffering and heartache. Private sessions are offered by phone or in person in Mt. Shasta, CA. She writes a blog on this journey home to Love at http://www.thevibrantheart.typepad.com/

  Blogs by this Author

Not leaving the body and staying with the painful, uninterpretable sensations, burning and malaise that can arise in this process of embodiment is about the hardest thing we are asked to do. Holdi...
Spiritual concepts and non-dual language cannot do the deeper healing. They cannot penetrate the protective walls around the heart. They are like mental arrows storming the castle walls of the ego...

Agitation And Space

It is possible to have fear coursing through the body and to also be aware of the spacious, all-is-wellness background of the moment. It is very possible. Don't let fear's rush of adrenal...
How sweet and freeing it feels to love your own character, the conditioned 'me', even when, especially when it is acting out of woundedness, desire and any form of separation patterning. A blessed...