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Jody Mosk

Jody Mosk
Birthday: March 23. Where I live: Willow Grove, Pa What I do: I unload trucks. What else do I do: I am currently working on getting my BA in Psychology. I would love to tap into my own psychic talent in order to help people.

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More Dreams

I was in a place that was not a place. It was my daughter's room in my former home. I was folding or putting laundry away when I felt that there was something "off." Just in front of me to the my righ...

Is it Wrong?

Is it wrong to want to have someone cheer you on? Is it wrong to need someone to have your back? I've read a lot of books that say you have to be your own Peanut Gallery, that if you want something it...


I was on a dirt road. There was a large tree just behind me, it could have been an oak, it might have been a maple, I'm not sure. There is a wood and wire fence running along the road to my right. The...


Ever since I was young I have had two reoccurring dreams. One a nightmare and the other all about tornados. The nightmare was bits and pieces... and awlays started off with me hearing a radio playing....