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anna romano

I have been looking for the I made in the image and likeness of God and I realize that is duality ... there's an imagined me looking for the real me ... i used to ask "will the real me please stand up" ... I read that we have to lose the seeker ... we just stick with I and my Father are one morning, noon and night ... and like dorothy in the wizard of oz, we'll just wake up and be surprised to find reality's been so disguised ...

 Articles by this Author

The Wake Up Journey

Sorting out life’s mysteries has always been my underlying purpose. When i was very young, i wondered about life and what it’s all about … What is God? … Where is God? … Who am i? … The only relationship that counts is our conscious oneness with the Source, Spirit, Energy, the one Creative Principle of Life ... Some of the poet’s were a huge help … Most poetry was like Greek to me, but some of their messages, like the following examples, so struck me…