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Swami Aaron

Swami  Aaron
I am an author, artist, entrepreneur and spiritual scientist. I am a fundamental thinker. I do not accept anything as a fact just because the whole world considers it as a fact or truth. I do not condemn something just because it is condemned by the whole world. Following are the books authored by me: 1. A Date with God 2. In Love with All Beautiful Women 3. On the Wings of the Self 4. The Journey of Speaking Silence 5. Beyond the Beyond 6. Dancing on the Last Edge of the Univers

 Articles by this Author

Swami  Aaron
The real purpose of meditation is to evolve to higher awareness, the pure consciousness. But, unfortunately most of people because of lack of right knowledge and realization have been proceeding on the path of trance, delirium and unconsciousness. Even most of gurus also have been teaching delirium in the name of meditation and spirituality because of their ignorance.

How to Make a Quantum jump Into Eternal Bliss

When you exist in the state of super – consciousness, you exist in each and every bit of the entire existence, at the same time the entire existence exists in you. You become God, God manifests himself in you. You become the saga of divine eternal bliss and celebration.

God, the nature, the conscious existence wants you live your life profoundly with a profound bliss. Feel privileged if gloom and sorrow has descended in your life