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Puran Lucas Perez

Puran Lucas Perez
Musician, poet, digital artist and teacher, Puran has been sharing a rich exploration of the spiritual dimensions of creativity for more than 30 years. As a Murshid of the Sufi Way he is trained and experienced in the use of poetry, vision (mandala), music & dance (nirtan) in spiritual practice. And as a founder of Magic Theater he has created collaborative theatrical expereinces in Europe and North America. He currently resides in The Cloud.

 Articles by this Author

Beauty and Eros

Why is the response to beauty built into human consciousness? Why are we drawn so naturally and often so powerfully to whom and what we consider beautiful? Is this the Universe's way of inviting us to The Dance? Beauty may be a gateway unlike any other -- available to everyone and leading, in its deepest reaches, to something like divine union.