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Barbara Ann Simone

Barbara Ann Simone
BARBARA ANN SIMONE Barbara Ann Simone has dedicated herself to inspire, educate and lead children of all ages to consciously live a life connected to their own Inner Spirit. Barbara Ann holds a BS in Early Childhood Education. She is a certified elementary school teacher who has successfully taught children from pre-school through Junior High. She has written a variety of academic as well as spiritual curriculum which she implemented and taught in elementary schools, homes schools (grades 2-6) and Adult Institutes. Barbara Ann’s talents and creativity goes far beyond teaching and writing curriculum. She has coached boys and girls sports teams, wrote, directed and produced school plays, created after school programs and has worked as a camp director/counselor. Barbara Ann developed and taught Sunday School programs in many churches. Her uniqueness and creativity caught the attention of one of the largest New Thought organizations in the country where she wrote a year’s curriculum for children and teens. She is a certified Life Empowerment Coach who has developed and facilitated life-changing spiritual parenting classes. She is a dynamic presenter! Barbara Ann is a volunteer member of the Child Bereavement team which is a program developed at Friends Of Caroline Hospice in Beaufort, South Carolina. As a member of this team, she works with school-aged children who are going through the grieving process. She is currently creating new bereavement curriculum based on the character “Mystie”* to support children of all ages as they go through the grieving process. Barbara Ann lives with her husband Pete, their two dogs Merlin and Mystie, and their two cats Halo and Henrietta. She enjoys a “magical” life living on a beautiful, tropical island which is a nature preserve on the coast of South Carlina. Barbara Ann is a Focus Minister with Centers For Spiritual Living. She and her husband have created Magical Planet, LLC, a business dedicated to inspiring people to connect to their own inner truth, learn practical applications of universal principles, and create the life of their dreams. *www.magicalplanet.com

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