My inner journey began about 40 years ago, when I was facing imminent death from an incurable blood disease. After exhausting all medical cures for the illness, I came to complete surrender to God though I wasn’t sure He existed. Hours after, I was visited by an amazing Spirit that enfolded me in unconditional love. It was so profound that it removed all fear of death and insured me that we never die and eternal life was real. From that day forward, I was drawn inward seeking to find God and to regain that “unconditional love” that was beyond any earthly experience. By spending so much time in the stillness, my body was completely healed; a true miracle. Little did I realize that choosing the inner journey entailed taking the narrow gate? My choice and commitment has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve experienced pain, sorrow, loneliness and many close to me abandoned me. But with each letting go of the old self, I felt a great relief and surge of joy, and most of all knowing the “peace of God that surpasses all understanding. I’ve not quite completed the rebirthing process but I will never give up. There are still small remnants of my old self but rarely do I hear its voice. One of the greatest rewards of this journey is the wonderful communication I have developed with the Holy Spirit and Jesus. I have filled many journals with those communications and most important, I’ve penned a book from His message given to me titled, “Unveiled: the Mysteries of Life”. The book clearly and simply reveals the mystery of man’s separation from God. It describes the hidden guilt and fear that reinforces man’s belief in separation and unworthiness. Yet in page after page, we’re reminded of what is most important, God’s unfathomable and unending love for all of his creations. My husband Bill was my co-author for the book. Over the years, I have taught and shared meditation to as many people as possible including a meditation CD titled, “Forgiveness, the Miracle of Healing”. My husband and I have facilitated Course in Miracles groups for many years. My purpose in life is to achieve Christ consciousness and to extend love, peace, and healing to this tired world. My webpage is