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Brent Nelson & Nikki Shields

Brent Nelson & Nikki Shields
Feline Dreamers are creating a framework for exploring personal spirituality. Our writings and teachings are a distillation of our own experiences, intuitions, explorations, and study. We draw from many sources to create our unique approach. Anyone can use the tools we offer, regardless of their religious or spiritual practices.

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 Articles by this Author

What About the Lulls?

When you feel like you've hit a wall and nothing's going right, it might just be a lull. Instead of panicking, consider it a time for rest and renewal.

Refreshing Your Spiritual Practice

You've been doing your chosen spiritual practice for a while now, and it's starting to get routine…maybe even a bit tedious. What should you do? Quit? Start over with a completely new daily practice? Here are some ideas for reinvigorating your daily spiritual practice when it gets stale.

7 Principles of a Purpose-Based Life

A purpose-based life is one where you bring forth your inner guidance to lead the way in creating your life. The following seven principles are signposts along your life's journey.

Life-Long Learning for Your Spiritual Path

Life-Long Learning for Your Spiritual Path
You're always learning, even if you're not taking classes or engaged in formal study. We often tend to think of learning as the realm of the mind, such as learning a foreign language or how to use a new computer program. But your spiritual growth process also involves continual learning, whether you're consciously aware of it or not.