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Dev Anand Balloo

Dev Anand Balloo
Full Name Dev Anand Balloo Gender Male Hometown Vacoas. Mauritius. Political Views none Religious Views I believe in Spirituality and consider that Spirituality starts where religion ends. Email Addresses devanandblue@yahoo.co.uk Education School Name S P A New Delhi & U C L London Concentration Architecture and Urban Planning. Work Employer Government of Mauritius. Description Architect City Vacoas-Phoenix Interests Architecture,Interior Design,Urban Design,Landscape Architecture, Spirituality, Astrology, friendship,Photography, yoga, meditation.

 Articles by this Author

Stop Mourning Over Your Past and Live with Joy

Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen
Most people are condemned to regret their numerous failures in life. When you are in Spirituality, you must not hesitate to say that you appreciate and enjoy life in a positive way. Every opportunity to enjoy life must be seized and you should live with joy and enthusiasm. You need not keep on mourning over your past defeats. Never say that you have not seized the opportunity to do things properly or you have failed in life.

Every Individual Needs Self Control

Every person has his own limit. Every individual needs to learn to control himself and to be within the limit. If you want to witness the bad character of someone, just start abusing his good sense. He will go beyond his limit and surely behave badly. If you know someone who is kind and gentle, refrain from playing with his goodness and his feelings.