Corinne Varon-Green
Corinne Varón was born in Lima Peru and immigrated to the United States in 1972 at age seventeen.  A Sephardic Jew by way of her Egyptian and Turkish grandparents, Varon’ schooling was in French with a strong focus in the arts. Varón’s Latino cultural roots become evident in her passionate, flowing geometric compositions and her bold and rhythmic use of colors   Corinne Varón’s work celebrates the Human Form as a way of honoring the body in all its aspects: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Throughout her career, Varón has represented herself and others in a wide range of perspectives.  What has been consistent in her style is how she cognitively captures life as it happens.  Using the introspective process, she freeze moments, in time and space, as if her mind is her camera, and she spontaneously expresses what she remembers on paper or canvas.  Approaching the canvas as cotton parchment or papyrus and as a weaving, Varón honors her Peruvian and Egyptian ancestry.  After 4 productive decades, Varón has achieved what she evidently was looking for in her early works, the spontaneous fluidity of human form combined with a multi-layered complexity which defines her stylistic use of overlapping images (or parts of images) challenging her viewers to engage with the work of art in order to truly understand it.  Varón interprets the diverse themes and emotions contained within human life.  She represents these using a linear approach, overlapping and interconnected forms to produce her whimsical and geometric compositions.  Her color schemes change as she changes day-to-day and records the multifaceted dimensions of life in her distinct visual language.