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Steve Pfaff

I found Higher Balance 3 and half years ago. Since then all the stories you read on my blog and many more I havenít written about have happened. I went from not having a single paranormal experience in my life that I remember to hundreds of mind blowing things in a few short years. Also in that time I have attended Higher Balance retreats in Portland, Hawaii, Mt. Hood and Mexico. I was in Star Reach for 2 and half years and have also twice had one-on-one training with Eric Pepin for an hour.

 Articles by this Author

Why Do People Dream

All species of animals dream in one form or another. These dreams have more than one purpose, as do many things in the natural world. One reason is partially understood by today's researchers and psychologists. The second bigger reason is unknown in the modern world. Read on to learn this secret information.

Improve the Energy Inside Your Home

We all can appreciate the beautiful healing energy of spending time in nature, away from civilization. But eventually we have to come home. Here are seven ways to remove negative energy from your living space.