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Niurka Hernandez

Niurka Hernandez
"Your success and quality of life is directly linked to your ability to influence; specifically your ability to influence others, and most importantly your ability to influence yourself. "

Since 1994, Niurka has devoted herself to mastering effective communication and influence for the purpose of producing positive transformation. From living out of her as a teen dropout, to making $100,000 by the time she was 20, to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur, Niurka is one of the most dynamic and inspiring speakers on the power of communication and influence.

After being introduced to NLP by Tony Robbins, Niurka's interest has led her to study with the world's foremost NLP experts. She is a certified Master Practitioner & Trainer, and uses her expertise in NLP alongside Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy to produce dramatic results for her clients. She is a member of the American Board of NLP and the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and her therapeutic forte includes traumas, phobias, depression, anxiety, compulsive behavior, and addiction.

Niurka Inc.'s dynamic, engaging, and empowering corporate training sessions bring the power and energy of a live seminar right into your office! Discover how the Laws of Supreme Influence will positively impact your team's mindset to immediately increase your productivity!

 Articles by this Author

Perception is Not Reality

Niurka Hernandez
Perception is RealityWe've all heard the saying, "Perception is reality." Is that true? Is perception really reality? No, reality is unique to each individual. Many people have different experiences of the same event. So what determines someone’s perception?

How You Manifest Your Reality

Niurka Hernandez
Manifest Your RealityIf we want to manifest something in our reality- whether it's our career, finances, health, relationships, or physical body - we must first transform how we think. It may be a challenging concept to wrap the mind around, but like it or not, we are all the authors and architects of the results we experience in our own life.