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Sharma Light

Sharma Light
I am on the path of spiritual awakening, i don't have a specific religion but i mostly take from here and there what i find appropriate for my path.

 Articles by this Author

The Path to the Self-Realization II

As I wrote in my introductory article: The Path to the Self-Realization, I began my spiritual quest for several reasons. I wish to be able to summarize these reasons into a small text but im a afraid its impossible. Why? Too many experiences, too many words of wisdom and too many insights, big and small but all fulfilling in their own ways.

The Path to the Self-Realization

I begin my journey to the Self, in which I change my past lifestyle to a new one. I have decided to leave my toxic lifestyle in the persue of a clean and meaningfull experience where I intend to find my Self, or that which is absolute.