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Sherrie Dillard

Sherrie Dillard
Psychic since childhood, Sherrie has been a professional psychic-medium and teacher for over twenty-five years. She is the author of You Are A Medium (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2013) The best-selling Discover Your Psychic Type, Love and Intuition (Llewellyn Worldwide) and The Miracle Workers Handbook: Seven Levels Of Power and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary (6th Books, 2012) www.sherriedillard.com sherriedillard.me sgd7777@yahoo.com

 Articles by this Author

Sherrie Dillard
We are all one. Those on the other side affect us and we can also influence them. You can help your loved ones who have passed over through Moving through your life's challenges Forgiveness and Living Your life to the Fullest.

Five Times to Trust Your Intuition

How to trust your intuition at work, when first meeting others, with your health, while driving and when your are concerned for others.

Intuitive Sexuality

Intuition describes the way that we relate to energy and this includes sexual energy. Intuition is more that just accessing information, it is the gateway for soul connected oneness with another that transcends physical boundaries Article includes meditation

Soaking in the Energy of our Environment

Soaking in the Energy of Our Environment www.sherriedillard.com