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Craig Villarrubia

Craig Villarrubia
Hello my name is Craig Villarrubia. I'm a spiritual mentor, speaker and coach. Visit me at: www.craigvillarrubia.com Or join me on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/craigvillarrubia

 Articles by this Author

5 Spiritually Inspired Tips to Find Love

Relationships present the most intense opportunity for spiritual growth and self-evolvement. Whether life long or temporary, each relationship makes the space for two people to share in an intimate love experience. If you find yourself with the desire to share in that experience I hope these tips guide you to that discovery.

5 Practices to Transcend Fear

"Fear, Courage, Sanctuary" by David Jay Spyker
From A Course In Miracle’s perspective fear is the result of our making - “God is not the author of fear. You are.” says the course. Fear is a product of the ego’s mental construct and can be transcended.

Transcend the Phantom Ego

The ego appears to be a complex web of beliefs, ideas, concepts and images that we believe we are. In its dysfunction, the ego can be a negative voice in our head that would have us believe that we are separate from Love. However upon inspection it’s clear that the voice of your ego is a phantom; the ego is not real. You can’t touch it or hold it. It relies on your attention for energy because it has no independent life source of its own.

Be Gently Led Down a Quiet Path

When we choose to give up the mind chatter in our head another voice speaks. It is there to guide and decide with us. It will lead us gently.

How to Recover From a Relationship Breakup

In my life I’ve been “fortunate” to have experienced 2 major relationship break-ups.  I say “fortunate” because these experiences afforded me the deepest and most experiential learning I could ever ask for (despite the pain I may have had to endure.)  I’ve come to learn that each relationship, whether lifelong or temporary is a God assignment, sent to me for my greatest learning. 

Be Grateful Not Prideful

Peace, happiness and joy are a result of what we ARE not because of accomplishments.  Generally speaking there is nothing wrong with feeling good, however upon inspection pride’s “feel good” emotion comes at a cost - collectively and spiritually. 

Enlightenment Resides In You

In Truth everyone is already enlightened. If we can find a way to create the conditions it will become self evident.  There is no “road to enlightenment” since a road would imply separation and some kind of distance to be traveled.