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Warwick Begg

Warwick Begg
The "spiritual" field has always contained my true vocation, from early and avid reading of Lobsang Rampa, through Spiritualism, Buddhism, and numerous inspiring thinkers, to my distilling my own take on the whole damn thing. I trust the life I live to teach me exactly what I need to come to know before I move on and return home.

 Articles by this Author

Always The Right Path

As a result of living a life of diverse spiritual inquiry and exploration, a couple of years ago I decided to distil my understanding of our existences here, hence the following summary, Always The Right Path. I want to encourage people's faith in the complete purpose of their lives, and to urge them to relax on the details. The challenges will come, as they should, but I believe our greatest challenge is to enjoy ourselves and each other as we learn.