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Sallie Keys

Sallie Keys
I can help you achieve a new level of enlightenment and awareness about yourself and your life – one that is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. I am a certified Soul Realignment Level 2 and Usui Reiki Levels I & II Practitioner, with training in Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, 21st Century Energy Medicine with Deborah King, The Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, Sandra Anne Taylor’s Quantum Life Coaching, and from the Lightarian Institute.

 Articles by this Author

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious has a truly amazing amount of power – more than we realize, in fact. It is like a child version of us, but one that demands both to be heard and acknowledged, and one that has a lot of power. It has the power to assist us in our manifestation and creation efforts and also to stop our efforts just as quickly. It is the door that can open and close the flow of abundance for us.