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Aaron Pyne

Aaron Pyne is a Visionary Artist, Sacred Graphic/Web Designer, Energy Healer, and Meditation Teacher. He is available for visionary graphic, video and web design. He has been helping spiritual businesses with their technical needs for over 9 years. Visit his webpage at www.Spiritap.com learn about his services. He works to help other spiritual businesses expand their vision through design & technology to bring change and healing to the world. You can also reach him at awakeningthedivine@gmail.c

 Articles by this Author

Following Your Inner Vision

Ever had a vision of a new project or job you'd like to create for yourself? Many of us see the world around and feel a calling to bring about a positive change. You were meant to follow your inner vision! It's exactly what you came here to do and you have the full support of Spirit behind you! Below is a blueprint that I've seen work to help you get going!