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Dev Anand Balloo

Dev Anand Balloo
Full Name Dev Anand Balloo Gender Male Hometown Vacoas. Mauritius. Political Views none Religious Views I believe in Spirituality and consider that Spirituality starts where religion ends.

 Articles by this Author

Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen Spiritual Master

The sages and masters of different faiths and religions all have good intentions. They all want to take their disciples to the ocean of knowledge. But most of them rely on the ancient sacred books. But these teachings are all subject to interpretations. Moreover these books are fixed and final. No one can remove or add any texts to them. As you move down the times these teachings remain the same, as if frozen. The teachings of Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen, on the other hand, are obtained directly from the Cosmic world, the place where God or the supreme energy resides. They are therefore not taken from any books or any manuscript. These teachings, obtained during meditation, are unique and do not exist anywhere else.

Your Karma Also Affects Your Family

Don’t forget the responsibility that you have to assume for your family. When you are doing bad actions or indulging in temptation which gives you temporary pleasures, you may think that you are opening the door to hell just for yourself but as a parent your whole family will fall with you and will suffer.