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Swami Ramaraaja Stone

Swami Ramaraaja Stone
Swami Ramaraaja Stone has been a student of Theology, Eastern Philosophies, Shamanism & World Religions for over thirty-eight years. Ramaraaja has received spiritual training from various religious organizations and individuals and has actively participated in the ministry for over 18 years. Ramaraaja, also known as Sharon R. Stone BS, DD, VHT, RMT, is an Eastern (Path of Yoga or enlightenment) and Western (Mystic Christianity Shaman) self help teacher who teaches a combination Self-Realization

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In Depth Bio on Swami Ramaraaja Stone

In uncovering the mysteries of her life Swami Stone has learned how to help others to uncover the mysteries of their lives. She helps them to determine and peel away what is holding them back so they may FIND out who they really are. This work is the fountain of youth everyone is searching for because "The fountain of youth is in the truth." Swami Ramaraaja Stone.