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Leia Love

Leia Love
I'm an explorer of the Soul, opening more deeply to my Divine Self, the other half of my Soul (Twin Flame) and our Creator. I love becoming filled with the Love and Light of my Soul and connecting to the same in others.

  Blogs by this Author

Your Hearts Are Blooming

Leia Love
The Messages from GodThrough Yael and Doug Powell atCircle of Light www.circleoflight.netYour Hearts Are Blooming(Received 6/7/12)Beloved ones, your hearts are blooming. You are flowers in the Garden ...
Leia Love
It's so important that we consciously choose where we are focusing, because our focus determines how we vibrate, and it is through vibration that we receive...

Accepting Divine Love

Leia Love
Knowing our Creator's Love to the fullest changes everything: