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chris richardson

37yr old family man, a very spiritual person without judgment or harshness. i respect everyones basic spiritual right of free will.

 Articles by this Author

Regret Brings Pain and Pain Brings Growth

Regret is an important aspect of spiritual growth. It forces inward reflection and action.

The strength of weakness

There is a misconception that strength is obtained through power. The truth is that strength can only be obtained through weakness. It is our weakness's that forces the examination of ourselves. Reflecting inward to except and face our weakness. Then and only then will our inward strength have an outlet to come outward. To be visable to not only ourselves, but to those around us.

The power of forgiving

Forgivness is a spiritual law that punches through the boundries of race, religion, or creed. Forgivness is required of all of us, at one time or another. Both sides of forgivness will cross our paths be it forgiving somone or someone forgiving us. The old saying you must forgive to be forgiven is more than just an old saying, its a universal spiritual law.

Wisdom vs. Knowledge

The age old question. Is there a differance between knowledge and wisdom or are they one in the same?

Wisdom not for sale

Wisdom like air is not for sale, its a birth right. Given to all who are born on this planet.