Susan McCabe
Here is a brief glimpse into my world and how I landed in this life. I love my life I enjoy meditating, walks, my kids, my dog, and funny movies. The universe puts roadblocks in our way to help us look at what is really important in our lives. I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. I love being surrounded with mountains and water and the views that are always close. My personal path has led me through many obstacles to push me into this work. I have resisted this part of myself so that I could be “normal”, and that just never worked out well. Most recently I had breast cancer. I am healthy as ever now, I feel better than before the cancer. I have raised two amazing kids that remind me of the possibilities that love can deliver. I also have a super cute dog that keeps me smiling and keeps me company. This has been possible only by opening my heart to the love connection that has been with me my whole life and treating my body with kindness and love. I have always had faith and the ability to sense a spiritual presence within my life. Beginning at a young age I was aware of my guardian angels watching out for me, so spiritually I have always been aware of their presence in my life. I meditated on and off for years, however, since 2007 and my cancer treatments, my messages, the love I am immersed in every day is much stronger. Archangel Michael has been instrumental in my healing process, he has guided me along to see and experience the things I needed to experience in order to land in a place where I can live my dream. He has assisted in my ultimate connection to my Pleiadian Family who continue my lessons each day. I now channel messages and answer questions from these amazing spirit beings, sending love in every direction. I also have a Reiki practice that I do that works out of a Wellness Center in Port Angeles. I have been blessed with the guidance to expand this healing onto a new medium through the masters on-line. I look forward to healing and consulting with awakening souls. I have been blissfully single since 2007, my life is so full and happy, I have felt no need to expand that part of my life. Maybe someday, I am just digging each and every moment of becoming Susan.