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5thwarrior 5th way

5thwarrior 5th way
a student of the 5th way * for more info see: www.en.5thway.com * emai:l way.5th (at) gmail(dot)com

 Articles by this Author

To Give an Emotion a Shape

To understand something is to give it shape, to live is the ability to create, and that you can do only if you have shape. Meaning, well crafted lines bordering your being, defining it, characterizing it. The shape allows something to be and at the same time preventing it from getting wild and spread all around.

Experience and Knowing Life

Everyone lives his life. But the question is if we just live them, or we also know them. When we experience something – we consume it. When we know something – we create it. A person can consume his life, or create it. Experience is raw material; knowing is turning the raw material into a product, or a creation.