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Izabella Malenka

Izabella Malenka
My dear friends, it is difficult to describe myself in a few short words. I am a cheerful person who loves life. I have a deep love of God and I know that He loves me. I believe that we are watched over by Angels. Everything that I see reminds me how wonderful God is. Whether it is sitting and watching the colors of the sky as the sun goes down or listening to the calming sounds of a gentle waterfall, I can see the magnificence of God. I am like most people. I enjoy special moments with friends and family because I believe that the close bond of family life is essential for ones growth and it helps you in getting to know more about yourself as an individual. Almost everywhere I look, I meet beautiful people. I enjoy making new friends, discovering new cultures and other ways of life. I am full of different emotions. I am a very happy person and I enjoy to live in the moment. I Love my Life and my friends. I am curious, a dreamer and love to learn. My life is made up of a constant exchange of experiences and I am really fortunate to have friends in all corners of the globe. "Do something." "If it doesn't work, do something else." No idea is too crazyƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

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Do not fear this.

Izabella Malenka
As young children, many of are taught how to pray. Yet quite few of us are shown how to meditate. Prayer is when we speak with God. Meditation is when we listen to the voice of our Divine. We can only meditate when we empty our minds of all that chaos and ?be? still in the moment. It is in these times that we hear, feel and know that which comes through our higher selves from our Divine. Do not fear this. God speaks to us in numerous means. Sometimes He talks with us directly, occasionally He sends all of us Angels, both those of the Celestial Realm and those who walk the world and talks through them. Be open to receiving His adoring assistance by means of all channels that He may choose to use. A form of meditation is to sit calmly with both feet placed securely on the ground. Burn up a candle light and play some gentle music and shut your eyes. Open your hand allowing your palms and face up. Regulate your breathing and emphasis only on this. Hear and feel each breath as you inhale and exhale. Now let go and ?be? permitting your mind to take you exactly where you should be, seeing what you ought to see, and listening to what you should hear. Always be at peace with the method and give thanks in gratitude for your time with your Divine. Understand that you are loved and are love http://www.werclassy.com/