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Kip Mazuy

Kip Mazuy
After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created Ocean Euphoric, an audio CD that has been proven repeatedly to induce deep states of relaxation and meditation in the listener. For More Information & Free Samples Visit The How To Meditate Deeply Website
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 Articles by this Author

The Simple Path to Spiritual Awakening

Kip Mazuy
Just by giving your full attention to bliss, or to the practice that awakens the bliss, you are fulfilled. And simply by being in that bliss, everything gets done, everything gets taken care of. It nurtures you and loves you like no person ever can.

Enlightenment & Self Inquiry

Kip Mazuy
Enlightenment is about allowing the facade to fall apart. When you allow the idea of who you think you are to crumble, then all that is left is consciousness.

Allowing the Flow of Shakti

Kip Mazuy
You simply have to allow everything to flow unhindered to the point where you experience it all as a flow of energy.

Awakening Sensitivity

Kip Mazuy
In deep meditation, these knots begin to become unraveled. The hard outer core that we have defined ourselves to be starts to become undone. All the ways we learned to protect ourselves are surrendered and again we become sensitive.

How To Attain Oneness with This Moment

Through acceptance at the level of feeling/sensation, you keep moving through all of the various layers of experience from the outer experiences to the inner and more subtle experiences.

Attaining Levels of Consciousness

If you stop moving your attention in front of this moment and allow it to rest in this moment, then the idea of satisfaction/dissatisfaction disappears. There is only what is.

How to Free Fall into Pure Awareness

You do not hold on to this moment, rather, you let go of that urge to leave this moment. In this it is all about surrender, it is all about letting yourself fall into this moment and remain in that free fall.

How to Get to Non-Doing

You can come to the point where you can surrender every thought that arises into awareness until even the thoughts stop. You don't stop thinking, thinking passively comes to a stand still. And in that you come to non-doing. You begin to rest in perfect stillness.

The Experience of Heart Awakening

"When your heart awakens no teaching makes sense. Something happened, you are in love and just loving completes you. There cannot be
a greater joy than that loving, than devotion.

How to Attain Bliss in Meditation

Just by allowing yourself to be as you are and watching what is here, you begin to see the mechanics of the mind. You begin to see how this whole "me" apparatus is functioning. And by witnessing this functioning it all starts to break apart.
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