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maa gyaan

maa gyaan
a blissful journey of love light empowerment and teaching, I live in the Kirti Hermitage in Rishikesh and share wisdom with the world.

 Articles by this Author

Prana As It Relates to Healing

maa gyaan
Healing is the loving touch of the ?self? that brings it back to its natural state and allows us to ?be? with all that ?is? , and helps the ?self? to heal us faster ? when healing does not work, it only means that the mind-intellect-ego is not relaxing enough

Paying attention to and developing Intuition

maa gyaan
Paying attention to, and developing Intuition, is the primary stage of Intuitive living. The later stages of Intuitive living transcend reason completely and make the practitioner ONE with the divine intelligence. On the path to Intuitive living, there are several blocks that be dissolved with the sheer will, to experience this flow of divine wisdom at all time