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Jane Harlow

Jane Harlow
Jane Harlow is the owner of Creating Sanctuary: body-mind-Soul. Sanctuary is a Safe and Sacred place. It is physical, mental, and Spiritual - where each one of us can explore the best of who we are. While Creating Sanctuary in our lives, we find the Sanctuary that already resides within. Creating Sanctuary provides online Holistic education and support. Jane can help you Simplify your life and return to Sanctuary.......... Natural Living - Simple & Soulful

 Articles by this Author

What is Natural Living?

If you go green does it mean you live a more natural life?  Is a person who lives in the country living more naturally than one who lives in the city?  I would like to offer up a different notion of natural living.  Natural living is living in accord with one’s nature.  Natural living is listening to our intuition and following our instincts.  Natural living is being real.