I am a a spiritual healer in Japan. I am searching my true -self with angels, and now I am energy worker. With Angels, I am doing many healing session based on reiki. My style is very original and beautiful. To tell about the truth of angels, To do healing works, and to make healing gardens are my purpose. I definitely want to have friends with light workers all over the world, and share thoughts and feelings about spirituality and lightworker's way of living. Please contact me if you also want to share good friendship. (You can get facebook friends ith me if you like, or exchange blogs as friends list) I am also seeking spiritual musicians who share sound healing, natural therapists who like nature, anyone who quest what is ascention and how we should live 2012 and beyond. Also I am seeking soul mates& soul family who can make together original healing garden for healing and demonstrating earth-harmony lifestyle. (like new-style spiritual ecovillage) You are welcome, now is the time to meet soul family, make a bond to connect lightworkers!