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Luke Le Bree

Luke Le Bree
I have been a spiritual counsellor for 20 years, but its only my enlightend self that gets it right.Working on( being ) that way always. lol

 Articles by this Author

Heaven to Earth Through the Body Part 2

Luke Le Bree
A clear understanding of what you are not. (fear)Fear is the result of choosing to separate from the divine source of love (God). There are only two expressions of energy. Love and fear. Fear is not just something you are afraid of. Fear is all energy that is in separation from love.

Heaven to Earth through the Body

The quality of life you have will depend on you and only you. In spirit or physical form, your life is your creation. You can accept and love who you are or believe you are less than love (fear). If you choose to own your divineness and live it out in all that you do, your peace and joy is assured.