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Ann McCarthy

Ann McCarthy
I was born and raised in Melbourne Australia into a Catholic home with a strict upbringing. I arrived at adulthood with much disfunction and although raising five children, had horrific experiences due to my imbalance emotions and need for love. The blessings that came with this upbringing is the help that I received from my guides and friends within. I am a fairly alone person who now sees this aloneness, not as lonlieness, but as time for reflection and growing awareness of my true nature.

 Articles by this Author

The Consciousness of the Eternal Mind

Ann McCarthy
Eternal MindAll good and all evil are within God. There is nothing outside of God or the Eternal Mind. For if we are within God’s mind how can we be any where else. What else is there? Be mindful that one cannot know God or His intentions while restricted by human perceptions. God is all that is.