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John Bendix

John Bendix
I have recently published a book entitled, "Walking Away From Divorce Into Awareness". It describes how an event, my divorce, lead me to re-investigate my spritual self. I have written many articles on-line in such organizations as Gather, Authors Den, Wordsy, etc., on related topics. My 2nd book, "Walking Away From The Ego in No Time" is in the works.

 Articles by this Author

Path To Being Enlightened

John Bendix
Path to beingFamous sculptors throughout history have tried to explain that the finished product of their work is already in the block of stone. It becomes their job to cut away what is in the way and unecessary for the completion of their masterpiece. I see the path of the enlighted in very much the same way. Rid yourself of the hindrince of egoic manisfestations by seeing through them for what they are and not who you are.

Awareness of Mind - Demystifying the Ego

John Bendix
AwarnessThere are as many ways to view the world as there are persons in it. The point of perspective is not how you view it, but more crucially, from were you view it from. Through the evolution of the brain of modern man, the mind was created. A mind that is aware of its own thoughts. The mind that now had the capacity of analytical, logical, abstract, and imaginitive cognitive prosesses.

Walking Away From Divorce Into Awareness

John Bendix
Describes my journey from the depths of suffering involved in the dissolution of a 21 year marriage. I came out the other side to the see errors my mind and ego created from a far more conscious location.