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Marlene Buffa

Marlene Buffa
Taking a quiet sideways glance at life, Marlene offers insight through her words from experiences. . A student of new-thought teachings, Marlene finds practical spirituality around every corner and seeks wisdom through observation of life’s inter-relationships. Sometimes playful, sometimes poignant, always thought-provoking, her writing inspires readers in meaningful ways. www.wordsofmind.com.
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 Articles by this Author

Death and Rebirth at Christmas

Take a philosophical and historical glance at the winter season. Examine the natural and spiritual powers the solstice provides and examine in which ways aspects of your life ends and begins.

Uncovering Hidden Treasures

Treasures exist everywhere! Sometimes we notice them, sometimes they hide from us. Take a look at where and what your treasure is - for your highest and best good!

Halloween Seen Through the Eyes of Everyday Life

Marlene Buffa
A little bit of Halloween seen through the eyes of everyday life. Halloween brings to light our memories and our apprehensions and enlivens our imagination.  Each year we honestly portray ourselves as something other than who we are, and venture out into the night fearlessly asking for what we want from strangers and friends. 

Little Red Schoolhouse

by Larry Dyke
Life offers its own one room classroom for us to learn, grow, and love. In the romanticism of this nation’s early years, the one-room schoolhouse represents ingenuity at its finest.  Depicted in the movies as the epicenter of the small, rural communities, this learning environment united the spirits of cooperation, patience, initiative and flexibility.

See Clearly The Abundant Spirit Within You

Looking out or looking in, we notice the speckles on the window of our world. Depending on your perspective and the truth, cleaning up the distraction can come from inside or outside of ourselves.

How I Allowed Miracles Into My Life

In the flow of expression, a short expose on how I allowed miracles in my life to appear, simply by claiming them, and letting go.

Freedom of the Mind

Marlene Buffa
When we think of freedom, we think of outside forces NOT imposing will upon us. The true freedom is in our mind - remaining free to create, to live, to love.

Self of Steam

Marlene Buffa
Like a steam engine, our lives are propelled by the spirit within. The more power we give ourselves, the further along our life moves.

Heated and Covered in Butter

Marlene Buffa
Life's most decadent treats are like a lucious pastry at its best - heated and covered in butter!

Sensory Perception

A look at how little we perceive given the limitations of our human existence. Rich with sensory perception, our human experience allows us to take in and assimilate the world around us.  Unlike the rainbow portraying the very basics of color schematics, the real world vibrates with a truly unlimited spectrum of possibilities.  Not limited to merely seven colors, we bless our eyes for bringing to us a full-color array that changes with alterations of light and perspective. 
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