Katie Long
Ms. Katie Long has worked in the field of Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation with Children and Adults, as well as the Elderly. She gained her BA in Psychology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and her Associate degree in Occupational Therapy from Pennsylvania College of Technology. Ms. Long then went on to obtain her Master's in Social Work, and currently works in Mental Health Rehabilitation with children and adults. She has studied: Religions; sociology; Philosophy; Biology; Neurology; obtained her Blue Belt in Karate and is fascinated by the study and application of Remote Viewing and Influencing Techniques. She has been a student of Mr. Gerald O'Donnell (ARVARI) since 1996. She has worked with children and adults with Physical, Sensory, Psychiatric, Mental and Substance Abuse Disorders. Ms. Long is the founder of The Ethereal Eagle, this web site that promotes health and wellness both of body and mind. Ms. Long is supportive of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which promotes racial equality, religious freedom, and monitors hate groups; she has been a member since 2001. Ms. Long is a also a member of The Global Peace Foundation and The Light Party. Ms. Long desires above all else to contribute to the wellness and joy fullfilling lives of those around her and throughout the world. Whether it be loss of a loved one, past or present trauma, or a desire to increase one's creative abilities, Ms. Katie Long wishes to share her insights, educational materials and information on the internet, as well as those she has studied herself, applied and found to be beneficial throughout her life.