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Ross Bishop

Ross Bishop
There are two kinds of Shaman. Some people have a gift and study for years to develop that gift into a powerful healing art. Ross is what is called a natural Shaman, someone who was born blessed with a natural gift for healing. Ross has studied traditional shamanism and has brought the core of the ancient traditions into a form that can be used by people of our culture and time. Ross had a private healing practice in Santa Fe for 20 years and relocated several years ago to Charlottesville, Virgi

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Ross Bishop
The role of sacrifice in the healing process has been lost to our culture and sensationalized by Hollywood. Legitimate sacrifice is an essential part of the healing process. We need to understand it better if we are to progress.

Sacrifice - A Path of Healing

Ross Bishop
We have largely lost the real meaning of sacrifice. Sacrifice in its true sense means returning some aspect of the self to its natural relationship to the divine. Excerpted from my new book,Journey to Enlightenment.


Ross Bishop
True healing is not about adding or doing anything - pills, surgery, etc. True healing is about learning to let go.


Ross Bishop
Why is it so difficult to live a spiritual lifestyle? Everything about it is better than the alternative. A life built upon qualities like compassion, kindness, peacefulness, honesty, etc. is miles ahead of one based on fear, anxiety, stress, feeling unworthy, and so forth. You feel better, you are more at peace, you will be healthier, happier and you will live longer. And yet, faced with the unequivocal benefits of spirituality, we seem to be passionately driven to shoot ourselves in the foot (or worse).


Ross Bishop
An active daily practice of gratitude can quite literally, change your life. It is the most powerful spiritual resource we have. It is unlike anything else we experience. Feeling grateful generates a ripple effect through every aspect of life, potentially satisfying some of our deepest yearnings - for happiness, healthier relationships and inner peace.