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Linda Zander

Linda Zander
Linda Zander awakens people on how to become Conscious Creators through her Quantum Shift Process. These simple spiritual steps take you on a journey from Desire to Destiny. She provides a proven method on how to actualize your true, abundant life purpose. By Signing-up for her FREE monthly newsletter at http://www.lindazander.com/news.html you will receive mastery level tips on how to move through the process quickly, easily and effortlessly while achieving optimal success.

 Articles by this Author

Achieving Success In The 21st Century: The

Learn the "New Rules of Engagement" for a new era of commerce for sustainable success that will guide you through the current economic and emotional time.
Learn how to create your own successful stimulus plan with essential ingredients you already have within you.  The first step is to move out of the conditioned behavior of "self-debting" that has been a mainstay of our society for so long and which has finally proven to be unsustainable.

The Seven Myths About Manifesting Abundance

We've heard it all a million times: the various secrets of how to manifest lives of abundance.  Every "Guru" has their own angle; a singular approach to manifesting that we've all tried.  And yet, in spite of the countless Gurus offering books, programs, products, etc that espouse the "secret to manifesting" we are in the biggest Global economic and well-being crisis since the Great Depression.
Linda Zander
Learn how you have all the inner resources and wholeness within you that can liberate you from recession to renaissance.


Linda Zander
Human beings have lost their way in life. Linda Zander, professional speaker, helps readers get back to a spiritual path.